In Memoriam: A C Griffith
March 27, 1940 - June 19, 2012

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In memory of Richmond Virginia patriot and historian A C Griffith

GRIFFITH, A. C. ("Griff"), of Richmond, Virginia, died on June 19, 2012 of a massive heart attack at home. He did not suffer. He was a strong, vibrant Welshman to the end. He was born in Richmond, Virginia on March 27, 1940, the son of Margaret Calcote of Sturgis, Mississippi (deceased) and Harold Jones Griffiths of Buckingham County, Virginia (deceased). He is survived by his long time companion of ten years, Kimberly Dawley, formerly of Columbus, Ohio, his beloved sons, Arvon Griffiths of Austin, Texas (his wife and children), and Wayland Griffiths of Manassas (his wife and children).

Griff was a patriot who spoke out often on radio shows about events in this country and around the world (see A C Griffith on Youtube). He cared deeply about people, the environment, and the United States of America. In 1959, 1960, he was in the Air Force stationed at Clark Field in the Philippines (see Griff's personal page on the Clarke Air Base Organizations website). He was a former NSA agent. He retired from the United States Post Office as an engineer. He was a Freemason for 49 years.

He loved all things historical, especially pertaining to Richmond (see ). He also loved the theater and old time radio. In 2011, he did two historical old time radio shows called "Griff's Little Theatre" and also "Griff 'n Prepper's Olde Tyme Radio." He loved classical music of all kinds and collected sound for all things musical, radio, and historical; in fact, many museums and television/radio stations requested sound bytes from him. At one point in his life, he also made handcrafted brass beds. In accordance with Griff's wishes, he will be cremated and there will be no ceremony. He would not want you to grieve, but to carry on your lives and the torch.